Today I came to a big realization…

I am limited by my thought of myself. 

Once I take myself out of the equation I realize that there are no boundaries. 

It becomes one symbiotic beautiful whole.

“This kind of living in the fantasy of expectation rather than the reality of the present is the special trouble of those business men who live entirely to make money. So many people of wealth understand much more about making and saving money than about using and enjoying it. They fail to live because they are always preparing to live. Instead of earning a living they are mostly earning an earning, and thus when the time comes to relax they are unable to do so.”


  • 1. Learn that you are not your ego. Learning not to identify with ego is an essential first step.
  • 2. Learn to recognize and reject damaging thoughts. Understand that you are in control of your thinking.
  • 3. Understand that this is a skill which takes practice.
  • 4. You can actually say to…

That is so cute… Out of all the animals I raise, I’ve got a sweet spot for those big goofy goons

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Summer melancoly by Vanessa Viki on
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Anonymous asked:

Culture is society, and includes all people. The leaders at the top are just as much a product of culture as everyone else. To believe that there are people in control of that is to count yourself and everyone else a victim. No one is a victim. No one group is in charge of something as inherent to society as culture. The "programming" you see in television needs an audience to believe it. People are just as responsible for being followers of those who you think are propagating an agenda.


One thing I disagree about when it comes to this is that the ones at the top dictate the ‘path’ set in regard to financial stability.  House mortgage, monthly electricity, monthly cell phone, internet, gasoline, heating, water, etc.  Look at the 1880s when Rudolf Diesel and Tesla’s careers were shattered by the powers that be.  John D. Rockefeller, etc.  I agree that we choose to live this life, but it is almost as if we are trapped by a cultural phenomena accumulated as we relinquish ourselves as a society in time to the powers that be.  In our need for instant gratification, get now, ask later. 


I’m flying by nhviet84 A lionfish in Crescent Mall aquarium, Vietnam. I stood in front of this aquarium tank for hours to photograph these lionfishes and the security guards of this mall walked around me a lot. Maybe they thought that I intended to steal their aquarium tank.

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amazing!  Though I’d rather be out on the sailboat, letting the breeze carry me through the sea.

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I’d like to try dreads one day, if I can ever grow my hair past 4 inches!

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